Wednesday, 29 August 2012

If they made mornings illegal, I will never sin!

My morning started with SRK's tweet that he is so not a morning person. Some relief! Not because he is also not a morning person- he can afford to be anything he wants to be! But because it fueled my latent urge to share and know that how wrong is it to not be a morning person? Especially when you married someone who loves the morning breeze, the first ray of the sun and every other blah thats related to that time of the day. Also when your Mom always filled your brains with 'how people who sleep till late tend to be real losers in life!'

Ya so where were we? I was telling how some people are normal even when they are not- a morning person! What if I say my morning does exist. Its just maybe 3 hours delayed than yours but it still is my morning right? I wake up like you do. I pull the curtains like you do. I enjoy my tea like you do. I bathe, wear fresh clothes and YES I go to work, like you do! If I have chosen my work station to shift to a special corner in one of the rooms where a table keeps my laptop, my land line, my cellphone charger, my reading lamp and loads of exciting pending/finished jobs lists that (along with currency)  give me an eternal satisfaction (because I write now)- so what? I also manage my home front and 2 school going kids( BOYS!!)- unlike you do!!

One justification to my utter dislike to mornings and shameless laziness also could be that I have for the past 5 years worked my ass off raising two little cubs who growl me out of my slumber every time I remotely tread into it.I have, after all, sailed through a seemingly impossible task of getting them to a stage where they pull their pants down, climb to the potty, use the jet to clean themselves, climb back down, flush their crap, come out of the loo announcing "Ho gaya", wash their hands in the basin and go back doing what they were before answering the nature's call.

After all the negativity above I do have some good qualities too! I am- woo hoo- very much a Night person. You can keep me awake and expect all the enthusiasm as if I have just started my day. All my good ideas for my writing or consultant based assignments come at that time. But alas all this excitement is not witnessed by the boys around me because the younger ones have school the next day and the older one- well didn't I tell you he wakes up early to feel the morning breeze- EVERYDAY!!!

Are you wondering how a mother of 2 can afford to be a "No Morning person' ?- Do not forget that all this is when I wake up at 6:30 am everyday (your favorite time of the day) and send my kids to school. Its legitimate to go back believing it was a small 'break' to my night and continue the luxury of sleep. Trust me for me it is "either Good or its Morning" :) . Anyone else admitting yet???


  1. i completely agreee....i can proudly say i m not a morning person myself...