Monday, 27 August 2012

You smart? Wow! Me stupid? How?

Boman Irani is so right when he says that he likes movies which do not want him to be stupid! Its like he read my mind and said that. He said this in an interview being telecast around 6pm on my TV and 3 hours later the same TV was showing me Housefull 2. My Facebook friends know that while I was watching that movie in the theater (circumstances forced me), I had updated my status that this movie is evoking the emotion of anger in me. I was angry because someone was assuming that I am a total idiot and thus I will like this crap. 

But hey! To each his own. I met several people post this "Housefull" encounter who made such a sympathetic face when they could not understand 'HOW ON EARTH' could someone not derive the true "meaning" of that cinema. 

Now when I merged what Boman had remarked and what Sajid khan offered in the name of a movie like Housefull, I decided to spend just a couple of minutes on figuring HOW people appreciate such movies or better still- why is it that I do not confirm to such a view? C'mon!! I live in a world where Rowdy Rathore is a super success!! Again do not assume that I am a jhola chaap, pseudo theater loving chick who thinks only alternate cinema can satiate my "oh so elevated" creative hunger. I loved Dabangg. Yes I loved it for the pure charm of Salman Khan but I can argue for hours that he did not want me to become stupid to believe him. I was also okay with 'Cocktail' because that was a point of view and it too boiled down to- is the creator of that stuff assuming that I am stupid? No.

So the crux of the matter is that I found the answer to why I do not like the justification- "Dimaag ghar par rakh kar aao" cinema. My brother and I grew up on a very basic principle set by our Dad. What he taught is almost like the foundation of our every move and a reference point for every decision that we take. He told us: Its okay if you think you are smart. But its a blunder if you think that the one in front of you is stupid.

Our thinking towards how we dealt with this world and its people is now clearly playing on material stuff that we like or dislike. I do have a problem with anyone who even before beginning a conversation with me, assumes that I am stupid. How many times have you all felt that you meet someone who is not only thinking he is smart but also discounting your brains by almost half its true worth? Many a times right? Hence not just to Mr Sajid Khan, but to anything and anyone who deals with me thinking I am STUPID- I choose not to let him make this assumption and succeed. 
After all, this is a primary reason why our Parliament doesnt run, why Chidambaran thinks he did not drain out our money because coal has not yet been mined, why we continue paying our taxes which swell Switzerland's infrastructure and yet are too lazy to do something about it :)

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