Monday, 29 July 2013

Counting my blessings


That is the number of people who recommended my entry to the IndiBlogger awards. But I have actually already won. Sounds Oh-So-Filmy? But true that is. For someone who writes about absolute no issues, such unprecedented love is an award in itself. 

You know why I asked you to vote or comment? As over the last one year whenever I have met some of you, you have always first spoken about my last blog post. Its almost a ritual that these people will meet me, say Hello and then say- "Oh what you wrote on that post actually........". 

So I thought why not see how many feel what all. Its not easy after all to call each and every one and ask- "Exactly why do read my blog?"

Lets come to the point now. The purpose of this post is to fulfill my promise of mentioning each one of those who left a comment about the blog in a post. But I still thank the 76 who took the pains of clicking the 'like' button. Unfortunately I don't know who are those 76 so I cannot acknowledge you by name. 

Did I just write Unfortunately? Well, it may be fortunate as I am going to write 'absolutely true from the heart lines' about the commenters (this isn't even a word) and I warn you this can get hopelessly emotional. But this is my ONLY chance :)

This is not in any particular order. I am enlisting people as and how I know what to write about them. In brackets is what they wrote :):

Anindita Rathore: She is my Ambi. A super fantastic artist herself. A super strong girl. And one of those parts of my growing up years who I treasure very close to my heart. Girl, I am always around and you know that :)

(There's no one like her to tell a story - I look forward to reading her blogs... making us smile and laugh and pensive and thoughtful and vibrant and alive!) 

Brijendra Mathur: Babloo Mama :). I have three real Mamas (maternal uncles) of my own. But I can never forget that when I got married and there was a ritual where the Mamaji of the bride has to make her sit in her husband's car when she leaves her home, it was Babloo Mama who did that for me. Your encouragement, support and love for me is something I remember since I was about seven years old? Please stay the way you are!

(sincerity in writing....efficiently nostalgic....definitely straight from the heart.)

Sairam Ranganathan: He has been the room partner of my husband in college and we call each other Half Roomies :). Sai, you must always know that you are one of the very few people who Saurabh and I will inform about anything good or bad that happens with us. And this says a lot as we actually have very FEW like you!

(Look forward to reading it.. Great Stress buster and makes me feel ohh this happens with me/I have seen this..)

Saurabh Tyagi: One cousin who I have such a huge bank of memories from childhood with that only we know how much fun we have just revisiting them! He is one person who if I talk to even after 2 months, it feels like we have been in touch forever. And I love the fact that he loves his name sake (my husband) as much as he loves me. Bhai, you know that we rock! Just keep the love intact. Oh and thanks for giving me such a sweetheart in Surbhi :)

what are you made of? where do you get these ideas from? Brilliant!

Abhiney Singh: Abhiney somehow is that one person for me who I feel- agar yeh hai to sab theek hoga :). I can both laugh and cry with equal ease with him. Thakur, you aren't just my husband's best friend. You are the only one person who anchors our stupidities and insecurities while being tremendously calm. :)

(just the way we Indians love it - Action, Emotion and Drama. Loved Parul's writing, I wish her all the best with her writing)

Madhur Chhabra: I am so proud of him! He has set up such an amazing place in the name of Misty Mountains! Its sad that my kids' motion sickness is keeping us away from him but hey we are planning something soon!! Madhur, every time I cried on campus, you would just pass by and say- "You look awful when you are sad". I still keep your words in mind whenever I am sad:)

(always finding a way to smile and giving of us many reasons to be blessed with her exuberance. Her blogs always bring a smile to me. for being who you are....cheers! :) )

Priya Mathur: One of the early encouragers who almost pushed me physically into starting a blog. I love the way she keeps me grounded by just texting that I should "Keep going on" every time I achieve a milestone in my writing journey. Priya, keep reading and texting :)

(Ur blogs... for me, they are often like a mirror to a lot of women, specially those who are also moms ;)  )

Dhruv Sahai: My faithful reader who likes each and every word I post on Facebook. Solid encouragement as we have met only a couple of times. We are soon competing against some mad people in a Hamburger eating contest!!! Thanks for bringing out this madness in me :).  Oh and do I need to book tickets to Bhopal in December? Am I even invited??

(your blogs have been amazing to read and show us a better way of dealing with our lives in a lighter and more positive way. Reading your blogs off late have been my favorite way of procrastinating at work. Cheers!)

Hitesha: An author herself. A fighter and a lovely, warm person. You are married to one of the most craziest friends I had during my hostel days and I love the way you guys are together. Keep writing girl. You deserve a lot of happiness!

(For moments you connected with, laugh about and tear up over...)

Vandana Singh: She is the epitome of resilience, patience, maturity and kindheartedness for me. Whenever in doubt, just pick up the phone and call her and she will advise you most objectively. Aunty, just stay around always. There is nothing I can do for you but there is so much I cant do without you :)

(Such a delight to read always! Take us away to a world so known yet unknown!)

Kriti Thapar: A small bundle of joy. The little girl in the gang :). Such an infectious smile. Such warmth when you are around. Just keep rocking.....

(Touches all the right nerves. Always. :)  )

Bhavani Ramesh: A fellow blogger and a batch mate from MBA. We are similar as we have both opted out of a mundane 9-5 rut. But we are different as she is actually fulfilling my dream of travelling to unexplored places! Thanks Bhavani for that message in my inbox. Even if I do not pursue it, it cemented our association. 

(an honest blog, all you get is the real story and that's what brilliant... 

keep going parul, and hope all your inspirations keep you writing for many many many years...)

Rahul Tyagi: Whatever will be said will be less so why say what just cannot be put in enough words :). Rash, you are someone I will blow a flying kiss to when the world is watching me one day. Even if that day never comes, you know that God put us together for a reason- we are incomplete without the other!

(Brilliant. Inspiring. Amazing. Beautiful. Stress buster. Motivating. Astound. Dumbfound. Flabbergast. Resplendent. Scintillating. Satisfactory. Splendid. Out of adjectives to describe. Not everyone is blessed with the art of expression as you are. I rest my case. All the best.)

Saurabh Bhatnagar: I am obsessed with you! Need I say more? I do? Come home :)


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