Friday, 14 June 2013

The questions I have been this Summer of Love

As my debut Novella officially launched and I started getting reviews for it, everyone surely asked me one strange thing:

"Is this a real love story of or....someone we know....hmmm...ummmmm"

I have now practiced an answer for this oft asked question but it makes me wonder, where this question is stemming from? So I shall answer this here too, in case you are too shy to ask me directly! But later....

Another startling observation people are inquisitive about is:

"How did you find the time to write all this?"

Now my turn to go Hmmmm? Its easier to answer this one though. I love doing this so there was no question of 'finding' time for it. Its as important for me as managing my sons, my home, Saurabh so why keep one on back burner for the other?

The question that most offends me is when they want to know if this is just a TIMEPASS or I seriously wish to take this ahead?

Well, I guess there is no point and matter in answering this one. Unless I come up with my second one, who am I to get offended about this doubt? So Ill let my next book answer this on its own. And yes if you want to know- Work has begun on it and its not a love story :)

Coming back to the first question now, this is NOT a real story. It is pure fiction. But whats real about it is this:

I as a person truly believe that you will, some day, end up where you truly belong. Its not about us finding
or wondering or fretting if this or that is right or wrong for us. If its the love that you belong to, it will find you on its own.

 If Nitya had not believed it, she wouldnt have left that trail. 

If Prabhat had not believed it, he wouldnt have set out on this journey.

If Meeta had not believed it, she wouldnt have motivated her man to do so.

If you do not believe in it yet.....why dont you pick it up and read :)

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