Thursday, 16 August 2012

Am I mother-material for preparing potential Bharat Ratnas?

Why cant my kids be Olympians?

You know when I saw Indians biting those medals I only saw V and N in them! But I also see them lifting World Cup trophies, Grammys, Oscars, Indian Idol titles and more and more and more. So just sports is not my worry. My worry is larger! I am just confused that what is it that can take my kids there? Where the world is on their feet and where they are proud of themselves. Okay stop sobbing you guys- Its no "Mere bete yeh banenge wo banenge" rant. Its this:

The P&G Olympic ads put a lot of pressure on me as a mother. Saurabh stays out of the house for 12 hours everyday to earn the bread we eat with him when he returns. For the time that he is out slogging, I am spending every minute of my life with our two contributions to the "future generation" of our country. I know very well that due to lack of 'this' and 'that' the true potential of our country's talent is not coming out in its full bloom. But imagine whatever is coming out DESPITE those shortcomings is doing so because there is some will, some effort, some intention of these achievers and of course of their families- their mothers. 

So I do have 2 choices- either I could just sit and hope that a miracle will happen and my destiny will make me open my eyes one morning and 2 passes to the awards ceremony (and a gala dinner post that) will be lying on my side table- left there by either V or N and all I have to do is think about- "What should I wear to this one?". Or I could put in some serious thought in how I can mould my two delicate lumps of clay and make them 2 strong individuals who have been exposed to a variety of such opportunities where they can make themselves and their country proud!

Now c'mon how difficult is that to do? So what if I am,

  • Miserably lazy: So much so that brushing teeth also is a huge task every single morning!- I am sure if they opt for a sport I will have to be up early morning to take them there?
  • Compulsive drama queen: Do I need to quote instances here?- If they fail and I cry more than them, will it do any good to their morale?
  • Not talented in any which way: Facebook has shown me how big a loser I am! I have absolutely no talent of which I can click pictures and expect likes!!- So its not even in their genes!
  • Get bored so easy: I need a constant boost to a mundane routine- How will I ever take them for their classes each and every day?
Does this mean I should give up? Does this also mean that because I am all of the above, V and N have any less chances than anyone else whose parent is none of the above? MAYBE if I do not do anything about it, right? Hence let me now change the question I asked in the beginning of this post differently and more relevantly- 

Why cant I be a mother of 2 Olympians? :)


  1. You can. See what they like and then ensure that your kids take to those disciplines. Then there has to be lot of dedication and focus. There is no easy way out of anything. However, one thing is to kept in mind. It would be upto the individuals as ultimately it is their passion which will win them medals. If they are forced into doing something, then nothing will come out of it.

    1. True that! I feel it is upon us parents to initially at least expose our kids to possible avenues. And then there is a greater responsibility to not push them to pursue OUR dreams rather than their own :)