Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Sunidhi Chauhan and the Delhi Crowd

We were lucky that we got the opportunity to be with one of our favourite artist-Sunidhi Chauhan- last evening. It was only for her that we broke the norm of not venturing out on a weekday (I am hopeless in sending kids to schools every day as schools start early morning). We knew it will be worth all the effort. So what if we were seated in the Balcony of the humongous Siri Fort Auditorium whose Balcony is at quite a distance from the stage.
The show apparently was being done for a charity organisation (I don't want to name it as the charity is doing a good job and had nothing to do with what the organiser was turning this evening into!) So as people are still running here and there to take a seat from where they are closest to Sunidhi-which is impossible as we are hung in a balcony that Sunidhi wont even know exists, there is a video playing on stage. The video starts with the main organiser telling us how he had the brainwave of working for this great cause and identified this particular organisation to give money to by doing this concert. He is followed by his wife, mother, mother in law, elder brother and sister in law (that elder brother's wife) who appear one by one and praise the organiser for coming up with this idea. The elder brother even says how 'Chunnu ("we call him Chunnu pyaar se") is mature enough to do this social work. I am trying to look and feel absolutely serious as this cause is close to my heart too but the mention of 'Chunnu' ends it for me. I try to hide my giggle as there are people around and I could be mistaken for making fun of the feelings behind this event. My best friend and husband, though, is smiling back at me. The lamp is lit and the tight red dress host (who says Ladies and Gentleman like ledsnadgentlmun) hands over the Mic to Chunnu (he has a proper name but that's not important). Now Chunnu speaks for five minutes telling us why this cause is the cause for this evening. He then suddenly pauses for two seconds, turns away from audience, looks back like a hero and adds- "Sorry guys. Santi ho gaya". Anyway, to Chunnu his own, the evening begins.
Sunidhi as usual rocks! Singing one song after another with all her versatility and oomph. After a couple of numbers she announces that since this is a charity event she is going to do something terribly different this evening. The audience wants to know what's that!! Me too!!
"In front of the Delhi audience, that's known for dance and masti, I am going to do the unusual. I will only sing soft numbers. So are you guys ready for a serene evening? Are you guys ready to not dance?"
The rows right in front of her, clap loudly and roar with appreciation. These are the 'Reserved' and 'Gold Class' category who are real connoisseurs of soulful music (or so they tried to pretend). Up above in the balcony, where yours truly is sitting, there is deafening silence. The cattle class is shocked. Sunidhi wont make us dance? Its like Anup Jalota asking them if they are ready for a dance! And Delhi audience will even dance to Anup Jalota!! What was Sunidhi thinking?
Anyways, a couple of rows behind us get empty. She goes on to sing some wonderful 'soft' songs and trust me we are drenched in the serenity she promised. Just when she finishes two more such songs someone behind us shouts (knowing well that he can never be heard as Sunidhi surely doesn't know there is a Balcony too!) - "Madamji, Kamli" (in a humble, requesting type shriek). The entire enclosure laughs aloud. But no one, beyond the balcony, can hear us. We are the cattle class who stands up for each other but no one influential will ever hear our voices. Sunidhi goes on with her awesome renditions and one more bunch of friends behind us leave. Two men behind me are chatty and one asks the other-
"Kamli kaunsi picture ka hai bata mujhe?"
"Dhoom 3" his friend, who is playing Subway Surfer states, matter of factly.
As Sunidhi finishes "Yaram" she has the audacity to ask the Dilli crowd- "Maza aa raha haina Dilllliiiiii"
The guy behind me shouts: "Dhoom 3!!!!!!!!"
Sunidhi ignores him once again, unknowingly of course and moves on to "Chura liya hai tumne"
This time I guess the Delhite inside the elite crowd too feels the need to open up. At the end of this all-time- melodious-number, someone, who God has chosen to be audible to Sunidhi, shouts- "Beedi Jalai le"
Believe it or not, this is when Sunidhi becomes Robert Vadra and asks: "Are You Serious?"
Yes Madam they were serious!!! Ask me, the cattle class, who lost many of her counterparts in the Balcony because they ONLY wanted to dance! Crazy dilliwalas we are but may I add- At least we love you even more :)