Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A letter of empathy for men on Karwa-What?

All you married men,

How are you feeling right now? Guilty, scared, obliged or worried? Why have I mentioned all these seemingly negative words? Because while your woman will cope with hunger, you will be dealing with them as well as their hunger :)

Don't you always get confused as to what is the right thing to say to them at this time, when they are at their volatile best? No matter what you say, the conversation always leads to a point where you look like the guy who FORCED your wives to fast. As if it is not their will but a task! 

Depending on the time of the day, aren't these the typical conversations? 

You could say- What's Karwachauth got to do with our love? No need to fast at all.
She will say- I want to do it. I am going to do it. You just do not understand the meaning of these traditions. That's why men don't ever fast for their wives right?

You could say- Please don't kill yourself babe. Eat fruits or take tea.
She will say- I am fasting here and you don't even want me to do it properly. You just do not care about my feelings for you.

You could say- Good stuff girl. You are doing a good job. You look quite strong.
She will say- See! You cannot even see how weak I am right now without water and you think I am absolutely okay about it.

You could say- Let me make it better for you. We will go for Italian after you see the moon.
She will say- The moon will come late. Very late. And then i will be so hungry that I could eat leaves too. Why do you always want to eat out on those days when I am not up for it!

You could say- You want me to fast with you?
She will say- Oh, No No. Chill. I know you love me. (But in her heart she is envious of all the friends whose husbands are fasting)

You could then say- You are not like other women who blackmail their husbands to stay hungry too.
She will say- Its called love. Not blackmailing!

Basically, tomorrow is YOUR day but not YOUR day!

I feel for you because I am someone's wife too and I am all set to exercise my Nagging Rights in full swing.

Lots of patience to you,

Saurabh's better half (I insist!)