Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The ONLY 5 things I know in Punjabi language!

Having lived in Delhi all my life, there is no way I could ever stay disconnected with this language. From Auto Rickshaw guys to shopkeepers in Lajpat Nagar to schoolmates to colony friends- I have always had adequate brushes with it. Still it is a shame that I never could pick it. I can understand few words but definitely cannot speak well. After my marriage, when I saw my Mom In Law speak decent full sentences in Punjabi she told me that since she has lived and worked all her life in Delhi, how could she not pick? Well, truly it is shameful that I did not!
Lately however I have enhanced my vocabulary of Punjabi. I still do not freely incorporate it in my fluent talks (except that one time when I told my husband how cute the 'nikke-nikke' dogs were looking while crossing the road and he was absolutely SHOCKED). Two of my favourite people in my family are Punjabis. My two Sister in Laws who don't speak the language(with each other or their parents) but know it still. Interactions with them and following them on social media made me sit down and draw up this list which is my ONLY knowledge of this language. Read on. Maybe you will find traces of your experience in them...
1) The Babydoll song- This is the maximum amount of Punjabi I can speak in one go. I have by hearted the song. When I am driving alone and this song is on FM, I sing along in full volume and feel so proud of my feat. 
2) Honey Singh- Not just for me but for the entire nation this man is single handedly responsible for enabling humming of Punjabi songs so effortless. It is because of his songs like 'Lak 28 kudi ka' that I know many unknown words of this language.
3) Words- Some words are such integral part of my perceptions of people who know Punjabi. List:
Mausi = Maasi
Namaste = Pairi Pauna
Sagai =Sagan
Tilak = Tikka.
Paagal= Jhalli
Just love them!
4) Kirron Kher- No one works better than Kirron Kher as the typical Punjabi mum. I have illusions that all Punjabi mothers are like her. Her perfect use of language, stressing on the right words, expressions, laughter- Uff now that's a Punjabi Mum for me and her style of speaking!
5) Weddings- Seen Vicky Donor? Remember that scene when Ayushman's Mom asks someone to fetch Daaru from the Gaddi? THAT. The whole openness, largeness, fun, slim and fair girls, tall dulhas hugging their graceful Mums, laughter- That's my orientation to this language which may be loud but is so warm :)