Thursday, 2 February 2017

The 5 kind of people I am jealous of

In my "I am Human' series, today I talk about the kind of people I am extremely jealous of. There is no sarcasm here as I am truly jealous of these people because I can never be like them and they do seem to be having fun while they are being who they are.

If you are one or two or all of them, always remember, someone, somewhere is extremely envious of your awesomeness!

Image result for not getting out of bed1) Morning people: My perennial fight in life is to wake up in the mornings. I hate the compulsory ritual of getting out of bed- every day, every single day. And there are people who are longing to wake up early, eat early, bathe early, start their day early and what not! As I am someone, rolling in the bed, hiding my face from the morning sun (because my early riser husband pulls apart the curtains in a hope that I will realize the 'beauty' of waking up at an insane hour!), wondering- why cant Mornings start around Noon?

Image result for lazy cat
2) Exercising people: So I did maintain a strict Yoga regime for a year but then it all faded away like those umpteen gym subscriptions. Partly the reason was Delhi winters as our instructor insists Yoga must be done in an open space (for all the oxygen we could suck in before office goers take out their cars to pollute the world). Now, every morning while sipping coffee in my balcony, when I see my Yoga mates still going on strong, I am jealous. You go girls as my blanket beckons its owner.

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3) Reading people: I read a lot.  But then I don't think I read enough (all us readers feel the same I guess as there is nothing like- too many books). But trust me, I am extremely jealous of people who have read more books than I have. Nothing impresses me more than a well read person and I try sincerely to always be in the middle of an awesome book, at all points in my life.

Image result for fat cat thin cat4) Thin people: Especially those ones who eat more food everyday than I can eat in a week and still remain thin! I am married to someone who belongs to the category of 'these people' and trust me, I am facing real difficulties coping up with: "Saurabh is getting younger by the day?" Its not HIM. Its me who is naturally growing old and because his genes do not let him gain any weight, he looks shrunken in my company.

Image result for shocked cat5) 'I have all the time in the world' people: Time to sulk, time to pray, time to click pictures, time to try a new dish in the kitchen, time to climb the Everest, time to gossip, time to shop, time to even shop online, time to watch movies, time to crib, time to do check-ins on Facebook- I seriously have lots of people around me who seem to have way too much time on their hands. I sadly have only 24 hours in a day and because of my ill luck, they too magically get over in 10 I think. How do some people pack so much in one day?

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