Wednesday, 27 February 2013

"Miss Mistake"- Thats Me!

It is absolutely true that we can only learn from our mistakes if we admit that we made them. I confess in this post of 5 silly mistakes I committed and even though they aren't really of a stature that should attract capital punishment, still in a way they took some special moments away from my life and thus if I got a chance to go back and correct them, I would definitely do so!

  1. Clicking pictures for Facebook- How many holidays, how many birthdays, how many outings with friends, how many moments at home with kids- I panicked when the camera was pointed on me! Why? Because the minute I heard a click on the camera, I would run to see if the picture is "fit" to be uploaded on Facebook. Really, extremely stupid of me! A couple of months back, without any prompting from any wise soul (read Saurabh), I myself stopped uploading any pictures that we clicked on our holidays or occasions. Does that mean we have any less fun when we make those trips? NO! In fact life is more fun now :)
  2. Bothered about why people spoke behind my back- OK this is something that bothered me till about 2 weeks ago. Not because I did not know the reasons behind the content of those discussions. An incident made me realize that even when I didnt do anything, people wanted to know why I wasnt DOING anything!!! Now that made me feel like a cheaper version of Poonam Pandey as I needed to continuously feed into some minds' gossip ratings! But then I read this somewhere and it took me two, literally TWO seconds to change my life- I dont care about people talking behind my back. There is a reason they are behind me :)
  3. Justified to people why I decided to be at home after my kids- To cut a long story short, I now know that Ill BE a mother and I will NOT BE guilty!
  4. Thought too much about the calorie count of even the air that entered my mouth- Now this is justified! Imagine yourself to be 80 kgs and then blame me for worrying about calories. I wont lie by saying that I dont care about becoming 80 kilos again but yes there was a time when I measured the food I ate (in terms of the calories) and recorded it in an excel sheet! Saurabh and I fell in love for our common passion for good Food, Films and Holidays- How the hell can I deprive my best friend from enjoying good food with me :)
  5. Crap consumption on TV- Remember Tara? Remember Banegi Apni Baat? Remember Kyunki Saas...? Remember Kasauti Zindgi Ki (which later even became Kasauti Zindagi Kay!)? I have seen each and every episode of this kachra! Kachra? Yes its a relative term but today when I have given up on the consumption of Hindi TV soaps, I see nothing vital missing from my life!


  1. Nyc post... Its hard to accept our mistake... In ur all mistake u rectified.. As well as soon.. Thats grt.. Keep writing