Monday, 12 May 2014

On a Break or Break Free on Mothers Day?

Yesterday is gone. I mean the dust over the marketing gimmick around Mothers Day has settled. We are all now going through a mundane Monday that even our mothers cannot save us from. I belong to the school where no specific day can make me remember my husband or children or father or mother or brother. The result: I didn't get any gift yesterday AND I didn't even complain :/
However, since I am part of the top 4.7% of this country's social media consumer base (imaginary figures used for impact), I did get a lot of messages reminding me that I am an amazing Mom and that because my Mom is also amazing, I should do A B C D for her. As I retired for the night I scanned all messages once again and the winner of the most common thought running in all of them was: Since it is 'Happy Mothers Day', we mothers should be given a day off to relax, head for massages, get pampered and that our husbands should step into our shoes for this one day.
This thought doesn't work for me at so many levels. First, as I have mentioned many a times before, Saurabh is a hands on Dad and there is nothing special that I do for V and N which he doesn't/cannot do. Secondly, how the hell does one step out of being a mother for one day? By stepping out I mean- Relax for a day when you are a Mom!
Let me tell you how my day looked yesterday and you will know how meaningless this wish was for me.
1) I insist on making V and N's meals by myself each day. I do it with a lot of passion everyday hence there was no way I wouldn't have done so yesterday. I did. It gave me so much happiness.
2) They fought over trivial things as usual. They wanted me to be the Judge of their disputes like every other day as I know best (at least they think so) which is the most fair way to settle them. I resolved their differences all day. I was so happy.
3) I was on top of their mischiefs all day long as that is my way to teach them how to behave. I scolded them with equal vigour and kissed them with equal warmth (Not lessening the former and increasing the latter is what I mean)
4) Like on every other weekend, Saurabh and I took off for an evening out with just each other. When we return, I see a huge cotton ball with lots of red Betadine taped to V's forehead. My heart stopped for a second. Thankfully the bruise was a very small one, result of a fall which he could have easily avoided, had he listened to Dadi. It was his fault but my baby was hurt. As I wiped his tears, scolded him for being careless, hugged him with all my might and assured him that he is absolutely fine- I knew-
Mothers can never be anything else. We don't need to relax. We don't need a break. Our kids are us. Can you forget yourself for a day and relax? If you can- Happy Mothers DAY!