My Short Stories

Anthologies where my short stories have been published:

1) Story:  The Star That Shines On Me (Parlance Publishers)

 Book available here:

2) Story: Savings of Life and Love (Grapevine Publishers)
 Book available here:

3) Story: Dressed to Kill (Indireads)

Book download available (Free):
4) Story: Fear, The Predator (E Fiction Mag)
Download here:

5) Story: Till Death Did Them Apart (E Fiction Mag)

Download here:

6) Story: With you, Till Eternity (Indus Woman Writing)


  1. Hey, i just read your short story 'dressed to kill', i am touched by your writing.
    Trust me the way you described it, is actually amazing. You remind of manto's stories. Great work

    1. I dont know how I missed this. Thank You for your kind words and for reading :)