Thursday, 7 June 2012

Why is it so cool to hate.....

Have you ever wondered why is it so cool for some people to publicly 'hate' some things. Yes I have wondered and that is why I am writing about them! This phenomenon is so widespread that to me its more like a herd behavior and at some level- "very cool" to be seen as "hating" them. These things I am listing below are the Top 5 in my head and based on the limited exposure to people and experiences I have. I would love to hear from everyone on what all can be added to this list - not because Ill start a movement but maybe those who indulge in this- get some answers :)

So the million dollar question- Why is it so cool to hate.......

  • Reality shows: How many times have you heard people saying- "You watch Indian idol? Like really?"...Almost suggesting -"You watch porn? Like really?". Infact it seems like its better to maybe watch porn but not reality shows! Why is that is what I ask!! Yes some of us watch reality shows. Yes some of us love that drama. Yes most of us know its all staged. Yes, still we like to watch reality shows. Have we answered you? and yes.... we do not watch porn ;)
  • Ekta Kapoor: Ain't it so cool to dislike her? "Dont start a saas bahu now!"- this is an alternate way of saying: "Dont start crying now". To everyone who believes Ekta Kapoor is a bag of crap- Lots of laughter!!! In Rome do as Romans do. In India, don't do what Romans do. So for India she did what Indians do! And hey its fair to not accept her but its not fair (when you very well KNOW that she knew the pulse of this nation and much of your marketing monies are banking on her saas bahu rant) to completely take away from her the credit of turning around TV viewing habits.
  • Delhi: If you hate Delhi- you are really very cool! "Oh the Delhi traffic, oh the weather, oh the crime rate, oh the people...." . So just put a random Facebook comment on your anti Delhi experience and get many likes and comments from "cool" friends who have given nothing to any city (leave alone Delhi) to qualify to hate one!
  • People who do not understand pet love: If you like dogs and cats and parrots and tortoises- why cant I not like them? Please I do not want to use the cliched "its a democracy" argument here, but IT IS normal to NOT LIKE dogs! I will feel a little awkward if the dog will sleep in your bed or lick your face because I do not have the hormone (is there one?) which maybe triggers animal love (love towards them that is). I am not saying YOU are abnormal (I am only saying it in my heart to myself) so why do you make a face when I ask you to keep your dog chained when I meet you?
  • Chetan Bhagat: I activated my forever sleeping twitter account (and put it to sleep again) recently and have gained only one insight from that medium ( because I believe twitter is for people who get  thoughts like they get fart or burp or vomit) -Everyone, except for Chetan Bhagat himself, hates Chetan Bhagat! Its almost too cool to hate him! Why so is what I do not understand. Okay he has done damage to your literary- pseudo- vintage- fiction reading- sensibilities but why cant then: you leave him alone? You know why? Because if you say you hate him, you automatically are on the 'other' side. 
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