Monday, 11 June 2012

A truth my parents will never know-about Saurabh :)

After setting some expectations for my brother's would be wife in my recent blog, I introspected that just because there wasn't any blogging trends at my time, I never got to know about the expectations of my family for my husband. 7 years are about to complete and largely they cannot believe (and often feel obliged) that someone like Saurabh would settle down with someone like their daughter ( ise kehte hain-apne hi blog main, apni hi chop!!).

But still there is something in Saurabh that my folks are clueless about. Something that irks them and makes them helpless. A thing which is like a secret that they tried to unearth many a times but failed. Something they over the years have given up on and tweaked its meaning to suit themselves. Its not that Saurabh purposely kept it in wraps- poor thing did spend many drinking sessions with my Dad explaining exactly what it is but sadly to no success. With time he used his famous smile (non teeth showing- I wonder how can a smile ever- not show teeth!) every time my parents mentioned IT in his presence. 

You must be wondering that why didn't I then be a "good daughter" and help them come to terms with this situation. You think I did not try? Yes people- I did! Every time they sat with their friends or relatives and IT came up, I did intervene and try to help them but its tough you see. So now we have all accepted it as a part of our lives and decided to not wreck each other's brain on it. At least everything else is crystal clear about my choice and just this ONE thing should not be held against us. Though one thing is clear, that if my Dad had chosen my husband, he would have ensured this confusion, this ambiguity had not existed. 

Have I triggered enough doubts in your minds? Have I motivated you enough to guess yourself what it could be? Many of those who read my blogs know Saurabh very well- his friends, colleagues and family. Do you guys know what it could be?


Well it is his.......................WORK...what he calls- Media Planning......err..." Papa ye jo Ads aap dekhte ho na TV par? Wo main lagata hoon!!"

My parents: " Tum lagate ho matlab? Kaise lagate ho?"
Saurabh : " As in I decide when this ad should come. Who should see it. Where you should see it"
Parents : " Who should see it? TV chalega to sab dekhenege na!"
Saurabh: " Yes but.....its like.....there is a hai papa"
Parents : " Kamaal hai!!! Isme kya badi baat hai!!! Main bata deta hoon kahan lagao. Why do they need you?"
Saurabh : " Well.... yes ....okay...yes thats what I do then"
Parents :" They pay you for just this? Bas aur kuch nahi karna?"
Saurabh: " But this is not easy.....full planning hai....TRP suna haina? it is like.....okay yes thats what they pay me for"
Parents to each other: "Batao Ads bhi koi batayega ki kahan lagao!! Arre if you make them we can understand or you act in them-we understand .....why spend time in placing them? And full day someone is doing this?"
Saurabh to me: " Forget it. Lets change the topic please"

So this is what will always remain a "mystery" point between my folks and their beloved son in law. 
Its interesting how they have come up with an answer when someone asks them what Parul's husband does?

"Ads lagata hai.....aajkal yeh bhi ek kaam hai bataiye" :). Such a simple gist of a full year Media Management specialization's course module at MICA, now 8 years of Saurabh's Morning to Night schedule  and well....our daily bread :)

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