Monday, 28 May 2012

Pehle board the. Ab bored hain!

I am in Chennai. Nervous as hell. The world seems to have gone from Color to Black & White. Food is tasteless. I am unable to look eye to eye at my parents. Dad leaves for work saying- "Jo hoga, dekha jaayega". The bloody land line seems to have gone dead- Baj Baj Baj is what my heart echoes. It rings and I hear a familiar voice at the other end. 

Me: Sab theek hai na?
Other end: Ya ofcourse.
Me: So....?
Other end: Cheer up babe. You scored xyz
Me: Did I flunk?
Other end: You not listening to me or what? I said you scored xyz
Me: Ok thanks! Call you in a bit...

This conversation took place 14 years back! At the other end was my friend but at that time she was a god-sent messenger who held the most crucial news of my life. The news regarding my Class 12 Board examination score. Me being me, always doubted if I will even pass- leave alone score well or not!! I did score okay (given the standards of 'okay' at our times- That score now will get me a college in Nicobar islands' university- if there is any!). My doubts were even life threatening while expecting Class 10th results!!

This morning when I saw News channels flashing that 12th Board results are announced, I started poking my Mom to call up my 2 cousins whose daughters gave board exams this year (imagine- my cousin's kids are now giving 12th board- How old have I got). She kept ignoring my continuous pestering and finally gave me back my own medicine- "Apna time yaad hai? Did YOU want anyone to call you and ask??"

So true! At that time I was so damn silly about BOARD results!! Life revolved around it. I ate, slept, walked, slept, even shat- all for THE board exams. Weren't we all told that these truly were the makers or breakers of our life ahead?? I mean, I wasn't all that wrong about taking them seriously? 

Good score- good college- good course- good PG- good job- good husband- GOOD LIFE. So to lead a good life, it all boiled down to good board results!

Now do I have a good life? My good score did get me a good course and college. But what I did after that gives a shit to my percentage! I had to study for it and did okay with cracking an MBA institute (okay not everyone goes to an IIM) . Then I got a good husband and.....then I got KIDS!! (Yes the chain got a break somewhere with kids between Husband and Life). But, Life still is good. 

At no job interviews, I am ever asked that percentage.
At my office no colleague knew my percentage.
Saurabh still does not know my board percentage.
My kids WILL never care about my percentage.

So what is the moral? 

While for the 1st 18 years of my life I cared about my Boards. The next 57 years (75 years being the average life expectancy of women in my family- in my imagination) life made no reference to that exam! I am not saying- Trash your worries! I am saying- keep working hard. I am saying- hard work has no substitute. I am saying- don't make this the end of your world (let that happen naturally in December this year). I am saying- Listen to Linkin park right away- "In the end it doesn't even matter". 

Because, in life, you will always get what you deserve not what you want!

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