Friday, 11 May 2012

Aamir- Anita-Parul- A comparison of a similar thought but different magnitudes

Aamir Khan

I know you have had an overdose of opinions and debates on the 'why- how - what' of Aamir's new found agenda- Satyamev Jayate. Hence I will keep this section very short and just tell you what I believe his intentions are and what I believe is wrong with them.

Its a no brainer that Aamir has set out to 'divert' popular attention to issues which everyone is already aware of. He certainly believes (and maybe right in some context) that his celebrity status can sensitize people faster and because of the image he has on screen(of being a perfectionist, raising social issues through his cinema blah blah) he is more believable when an unnoticed tear drops out of his eye . So in a nut shell- he is projecting, to his audience, that now that he has achieved a certain status in the society, this is his chance to give back to it on issues which are close to his heart (or which are, in is words, dil pe lagne waale). Tell me if I have analysed it wrong so far?

Whatever anyone may think, to me his Funsuk Wangdoo and Ram Shankar Nikumbh were a much better way to bring forth these issues as its a non intrusive, non preachy, less desperate and non guilt provoking way of saying the same thing. Everyone who warmed their sofas watching the show that Sunday(and can't wait for the next) are pseudos who ALREADY knew of the issue. Now please dont argue with me that so far they did not know what to do about it and Aamir appeared from heavens and gave them a direction. If he appeared to you as being God-Sent, its because he is a huge bollywood star who has all the means to do it. Didn't he manage it better in his most simplest way in 3 idiots? Didnt Sanjay Dutt ,who has otherwise even spent some time in jail, do it rather impact fully in Lage Raho?

A personal agony(?)---------- have the means to talk about them-----------reach out and tell world-----expect people to change by sending an SMS or feel bad about themselves--------gain more fan following which will obviously result in more box office ticket purchases--------correct?

I rest my case here on Aamir (because there are 2 more protagonists in this post I have to cover)

Anita Bai Narre

Have you heard about this Tribal woman from Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, who when got married and went to her husband's house, discovered that they did not have a toilet in it, hence revolted and came back to her parent's house the very same day. The story has a happy ending as not only did her husband got a pucca toilet constructed to get her back but the Government also rewarded her with a whopping 5 lakh rupees award as she raised an important social concern faced by more than half of India's population, which is hygienic and respectful sanitation! 

When I read this news, I was both happy and surprised. Happy as a woman that even in a remote area of India, if a woman can raise her issue ( whatever it maybe) and sticks to her guns, a change in her life, for betterment, is possible! Surprised? Well...most you must be surprised to hear this. Not only did she revolt and refuse to budge, she even had her way and won accolades for it. I am not even saying that the issue was any trivial. I mean what she revolted against is a valid and relevant point and I am proud of her to not succumb to her fate- like most of her peers do, or have done.

So what is the big deal? What is her role in this post? When Anita would have refused to move in to her new house, what must be going in her head? She did not do it for the larger good of the society. Quite obviously she did not know it will result in an inflow of cash and pan India ( and maybe world) popularity! She was just upset with making a drastic change in her own usual lifestyle and decided to stay adamant about her basic asks- as a woman, a wife and a human being. What status her action later assumed was not her intention. But yes by doing so, she gave a sense of confidence to even a "loaded with opportunities" and "educated and aware" woman like me that ( not for any fame and name) but if there is something not right around me which can threaten my self respect or the way I wish to live, I must challenge it and not bear it by accepting it as my fate. If ill have the courage, ways will open up.

Personal agenda-------refusal to accept it--------bring a change in one house and own life------by the way get rewarded and become a known figure -----Inspire a whole village(and others too) by being the change yourself------correct?

Parul Tyagi

Oh yeah thats me. No I have not done anything so far which has resulted in great social revolutions and I havent even earned a single penny EVER from any place which has Govt involved in it. So why the hell am I joining the league of Aamir and Anita? Here is why-

Couple of years ago, I too suffered from a personal issue, which irked me every day and every night, hurt my self respect and confidence and I too went all the way to CHANGE my situation! I had an option of succumbing to my reality and suffer forever when the same society that wants to change things with Aamir or reads about Anita in newspapers and praise her, once laughed at me and wrote me off. Why? Because I was FAT. Yes I was fat after my 2 babies and a subject of gossip and smirking by relatives, friends and everyone because they never understood me as a person but judged me for what I had BECOME.

First of all- Shame on all those who look at someone who has 'changed' physically and instead of providing solutions and extending acceptance, joke about it.

Secondly, I did not set out to lose my weight for them! I did it for MYSELF and much later realised that I could be an inspiration to many woman who were told by their families that losing shape post motherhood is the most natural way of their lives now.

Thirdly, all those women who themselves had pot bellies and told me- "Oh you are one of us now"- I must say- thats not the right way to live. If you do not like the way you are living, please go out and be the change. Dont accept it lying down blaming your kids or lack of time!

Personal agenda------willpower-------be the change-------do not even bother about being an inspiration-----live the way you want to------------correct?

In the end I want to say- If Aamir would have organised 10 live concerts and danced on a parody of his popular hip shakers to raise money for 10 different causes, the people he wants to touch ( TV watching, city dwelling, educated and emancipated youth) would have given him the same support. But if Anita would not have done what she did, a change in her own life would not have been possible!

Decide where you want to be- You still need an Aamir Khan to wake you up every Sunday and lecture you tearfully on what you already know? Or you can stand up yourself and DO something about the lives you feel for?


  1. told you this was a good topic to write on and you did a marvelous job of one can change everyone or even anyone else. we have to change ourselves for we only do that for what we believe in, irrespective of who is trying to influence us to do whatever, no matter how small or big or great it is. it is like all those countless and nameless freedom fighters who fought for our freedom. they knew they may never live to see the free India and they probably did not even do it for the whole country. they did it for what THEY believed in. they did it because they thought and felt that being subservient to someone does not have pride and then they had the courage to stick to what they believed in. You know the soldiers in army are not taught for their country really. because they are taught to fight for their platoon whom they know personally and love, then comes the regiment and then only comes the country!!

  2. well...cud'nt agree more...aamir has a fan following and coupled with big media personalities and with no dirth of social issues in India...he is on to the big bandwagon !! Yes, his effort has been done by many in different ways and with much less accolades and 'fan' following,but guys lets not make this a 'Ramayan' and 'Mahabharat' which had the-world-stops-now Sunday effect...For people who have been avid TV buffs, this is no big deal coz many a documetaries made and delivered by 'less' known personalities have seen the tube...only aamir's has a magical 'star' effect !!! PS - if you want a person like 'aamir' to anchor your show, then it has to be something different...he admits this candidly !!!