Thursday, 12 July 2012

I am like this only!

  • Have you ever met anyone who once when shook hands with Anil Kapoor, didnt wash them for a day?
  • Have you ever known anyone who once saw Baba Ramdev on the airport and felt tremors below her feet? 
  • Have you heard of this girl who was, when about 10 years old, got lost on the sets of a Bollywood flick "Zindagi ek Juaa"  and when her Dad slapped her out of sheer helpness on finding her, she quietly wondered "What if I was not found ever and turned into a big Bollywood actress one day!!"
  • Have you thought that there is someone who is when visiting Mumbai (sorry Bombay), keeps her eyes WIDE open because her cousins once told her that TV and Film people roam around our streets like Janta. And this tip paid when she managed to see Sadashiv Amprapurkar (Maharani of Sadak Fame), Shiamak Davar and some forgettable TV actors! 
  • Have you ever imagined there could be someone who considers even Rajesh and Nupur Talwar celebrities (and wont mind getting to 'see' them just because she has seen them on the news?)

No? Sounds too silly to ever find such person right? Well...then introducing the creator of this blog -Parul Tyagi- who has done all the 5 above and even more shameful deeds (shameful only for those around her and never for herself). Yes I confess I am suffering from a disease. I am calling it a disease because it needs therapy! I mean who gets excited to see Baba Ramdev??? Only a person suffering from serious malfunctioning of the brain can. And here I am!! 

I have searched the internet to find a name of this psychological problem. There are exotic names given to all the kind of fears in this world and some so weird that I wonder if I need help or them! But sadly I haven't found any fancy name to my 'trouble' which involves anyone in the name of a celebrity. Celebrity in which case is anyone who has ever appeared on TV or Newspaper. Someone who everyone recognizes. Someone ....who is just anyone!!! 

I have settled down with two terms which I could be 'suffering' with- Celebrity Fetish or Celeb Mania? Sad that none of them sounds even remotely technical so that at least when I mention my problem to someone,  it sounds serious!! So even if I have this "Most silly, absurd and harmless illness of my brain" why am I writing about it? Because guys, I need help. No! not in getting rid of it! If that was possible those who have borne the brunt of this disease first hand would have achieved something till now. Dont you think my husband mocked me enough when he saw my skin crawling at the sight of a horrendous looking Baba on the airport? Dont you think my brother would have disowned me for that entire day when I refused to wash my hand just because a certain Anil Kapoor shook it amongst 50 hands he shook that night? 

I do not want to be cured people. I need help in fueling this passion further!! I so want to meet anyone who qualifies as "a large number of people know him/her" through anyone who can help! A seat in the audience of Barkha Dutt's 'We the people' is something I have managed and cant wait to see her in person and feel as if I have achieved a bloody huge thing in life! Other such seemingly stupid encounters in your perspective can mean a lot to someone like me who admits it maybe a problem, but what harm is it if I just want to have a LOOK and no exchange of phone numbers!!


  1. i guess that not an illness at all...we all suffer from it...u have accepted it atleast...

  2. Now that u do mention it this way, there is another aspect to the so called "celeb awe" situation....most of us having read from averagely good schools have shown the mania that u so well describe...and have been "mocked" by "seniors" to "control urself","no big deal","happens all the time","its a regular feature", "so wot".....and the mocking never ends....making u feel the stupidest person to have even ventured into expresssing ur true feelings.....yes ur/our reaction is just an "honest" connect of our mind to someone we "feel" we this may be erroneous but then who cares....!!!