Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Never say this to a homemaker!

I do not particularly like the word 'Housewife' for some arbitrary reasons of my own. I hated it when relatives would ask- "Do you work or you are a housewife?" I felt like lying just to avoid being called that! Then I read a fancy women magazine calling women like me -' Homemakers'. Bingo! I had found my new designation! For some reason it has a sophisticated, classy and well...."I can live with it" kind of sound for me.

Homemakers is more appropriate also because it captures what we actually do. Make food, make beds, make rules for kids, make up
( Nah! not for me though), make life easier for stressed husbands, etc etc. But the Homemaker in me feels like breaking a thing or two when I hear the following repeatedly ( My warning- never say this to a homemaker- she doesn't deserve it):

  • You didnt do this yet? What were you doing the whole day? 
( I was standing on my head trying to put my world back straight)

  • How do you pass your time all day? Boring nahi hota?
( Nahi hota!  Kyunki bore hone ka bhi time nahi hota!)

  • Us serial main kya ho raha hai aajkal? You must be watching afternoon reruns right?
( Yes. But I charge 50 rupees for telling one twist per serial)

  • You know we dont have time for all this. We go to office na!
( Oh yeah? I also have no time to hear all this, I am still at MY office na!)

  • You are so lucky you are at home
( Spend one day like me and I bet you ll go to office even if they didn't give you a pay cheque!)

  • When will you resume work? Or you wanna stay like this forever?
( Like how? I chose this- okay get slapped now!!)

  • Your kids must be so dependent on you. Kids who go to day cares learn to be more social
( Puhhllleeezzzeeee!!! I didnt go to a daycare ever!! And i know my "Social Limits" thats why not knocking you down for your idotic notions )
  • You know I can never think of staying at home and not working
( Your home must be thankful for that too) 
  • What? You don't work? Whyyyyy?
( Hmmm....I am a HomeMAKER :). Thats why :) )


  1. most people are fairly unevolved to grasp these intricacies of life :)...
    what truly differentiates you, is not giving into that urge to connect your fist with their face ;)

  2. A true version of suppressed feelings !!! and rightly so....a wonderful read !