Tuesday, 13 March 2012

When you are parents...get ready to hear these umpteen times and IGNORE!

Its no longer funny how many times my husband Saurabh and I have heard these typical statements. I am capturing these here so that when you become a parent, you know you have to pay no heed to them!! if you are a parent already- Sounds familiar?

Statement: " Itna Rota kyun hai yeh?"
Ideal reaction: If we knew it aunty, we would have tackled it!!
Our reaction: God Knows!

Statement: " Kitne patle hain! Kuch khilaati nahi ho inhe?"
Ideal reaction: No! we eat their food ourselves
Our reaction: <smile>

Statement: " Hamare bachcho ne hame kabhi pareshaan nahi kiya"
Ideal Reaction: Really? To aapne unhe kiya hoga!!
Our Reaction: <smile>

Statement: " Ladte hain aapas main?"
Ideal reaction: Guess!!
Our Reaction: Yes!!

Statement: " Itni jaldi jaldi kyun kar liye dono bachche?"
Ideal reaction: Thats our problem, isnt it?
Our Reaction: <smile> ( we seriously dont know what to say to THIS)

Statement: "Naukri nahi karti? Kaise manage karte ho 2 babies?"
Ideal reaction: Fund khol rakha hai. Aapne contribute nahi kiya?
Our reaction: <smile> ( IT IS my business)

Statement: "Iski shakal kispe gayi hai?"
Ideal reaction: We have been figuring this one out from the minute they were born and now dont care!!
Our Reaction: Aap bataiye ( again with the smile)

Statement: "Bada Kaun hai dono main?"
Ideal reaction: Cant you see? And if you cant- Why do you wanna know??
Our Reaction: Viraj- yeh wala- one who is taller


  1. wah! :)... firstly, really glad that you started!

    may be you can capture some of your older FB posts here as well... collection ho jaega..

    vaise.. jo profile pic tune daali hai, kisi angle sedo bachon ki maa nahin lagti ;)

    will keep coming!

  2. btw... i really love the title of the blog... and the intro paragaraph in the header is damn sweet

  3. Statement: "Naukri nahi karti? Kaise manage karte ho 2 babies?"
    Ideal reaction: Fund khol rakha hai. Aapne contribute nahi kiya?
    Our reaction: ( IT IS my business)......

    This one is hilarious....your ideal reaction seems to be censored :)

  4. have no words for your words !!

  5. wonderful.....keep it going !!!!

  6. Thanks for reading. Yes will keep them going :)

  7. All females who are Mother, daughter, wife, sister, best friend, daughter in law would love to read it and enjoy it :)
    It seems same conversations are running in front of me ;) The only difference is ..."kitne mote hain...kya khilaati hai......??" hahahah.........

    1. Super stuff Parul.. keep it coming!!! Look forward to read more of V&N.. God bless the kiddos:)

  8. Why didn't you start it earlier?? I remember some of your fb posts, put them here too. But this is well in time for mine :) GREAT GOING!!!

  9. I don't know u Parul....but Harish shared this on fb and it is just so true and well written....laughed my heart out on ideal reactions....

    1. Thanks foe your appreciation nivi :). keep coming back :)