Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Why we should be jealous of KRK

I am not very sure how many people reading this, follow KRK on twitter. I do and I am not ashamed of it at all. Thankfully following anyone on twitter is not like adding friends on Facebook. Unlike FB, twitter allows you to be random about choosing who would you like to "know about" on a daily basis, obviously in whatever they can manage to tell you within 140 characters at one go.

I am not a normal tweeple. I am more of a stalker. I open twitter as many times I open FB but never tweet as extensively. My favorite activity on twitter was to see whats trending in India and then going through all the funny (and not so funny) tweets from people who go crazy with arbitary things trending- from Gauri Khan's reaction to Kolkata's IPL win to Rahul Gandhi's dreamworld where potatoes costed 2 rupees a kg. . That is exactly how I discovered KRK. So no controversy or hype introduced me to him- it was a discovery I made myself, on my own! 

I do not regret following him though. He may be a loser. He may be a maverick. He may be a complete idiot. But there is one thing we can all learn from him- he is bloody confident about all of this! Look at how others react to 'bad tweets' about them- for instance intelligentsia like Barkha Dutt, Mahesh Bhatt or Chetan Bhagat  start justifying themselves when people re tweet their stuff and make inappropriate comments on them. However KRK, in his signature foolishness, remains absolutely unaware whether a particular tweet has been written against him or for him! He is mindless and ignorant about all this. What a contented state of mind that is! I also happen to follow Paulo Coelho and all the quotes from him which relate to attaining happiness seem to have already been practiced by KRK! Now how cool is that?

The whole premise of human unhapiness is the fact we are too intelligent to have opinions on things around us and when those opinions or actions arent 'accepted' or 'understood' or 'appreciated' by even a fraction of people, we start losing  patience with our sanity. We start reacting, trying to explain ourselves- Unaware that its people's business to talk shit. Even if you did exactly the opposite, they will not refrain from criticising you.

But the state of mind that KRK is in, where he is oblivious of the fact that whatever he is saying or doing is actually ONLY taken as entertainment and nothing else, must be so fulfilling. He unbashedly tells Amitabh Bachchan that his water comes from France and milk comes from Holland and he does so with an innocence of a child who has no clue who the hell is he talking to! I envy him. I wish I had the brains like him where good or bad, intelligent or stupid had no distinctions! Where I could be myself, say everything I wanted to say and at the end of it all have no meat in my head or conscience to sit and wonder if I said it right or wrong!

Think about it :) - (Because you CAN)

P:S- Picture courtesy: Google image search! Please do not sue me!!

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