Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Why I love Pakistan. And why you should love India.

Firstly, there are no good excuses to ignore this blog for so long. I know I should not have and I am guilty as charged. You see, life does get a little 'all over the place' when kids are in the age as mine. Their schools and activities keep me on my toes and thus these fingers never got to the blog. 

Today, however, a post on my Facebook wall compelled me to write. I write this on behalf of every person who has never indulged in spreading hatred. This hatred is between countries and it's people. A few months back I had written a Blog Post on how fascinated I was because my Friend's List had some people from Pakistan in it. I always wanted to know about their lives, food, attire as it is deeply ingrained me that till a few decades back, we were indeed one. 

But today, I am deeply pained because of someone's existence in my friend's list from there. He posts at least, AT LEAST three posts a day saying something rotten about India. For him, Indian men are losers, Indian politicians are losers, Indian cricket team players are losers, Indian law makers are losers, Pakistani who say good things about us are losers, Indians are Losers. Initially I did go through the links or videos he posted while making such comments and once or twice even commented on his status messages explaining that not everything in India is as bad as he is assuming them to be. Tried to reason out that this hate will not take either of us anywhere but then with time I realized the futility of it as I saw him asking people who 'argued' with him to un-friend him. I did not , as I think I wanted him to bring me to this point where I can vent out- my love towards where he lives rather than hating him for what he is.

Isn't it a fact that things in India are actually much better than they are in his country. Still, I refrained from making that point and kept wondering why he was so hell bent in expressing his hatred towards a country that has people like me living in it. Who me?

1) I shed real tears when some assholes entered a school in Peshawar and killed so many sons of mothers like me. I did not sleep for two nights. I hugged my husband tight that night and my kids tighter because for me they weren't Pakistani mothers who deserved atrocities. They were mothers who had been cheated by God. Nothing less.

2) When Malala got the Nobel Peace Prize, I was proud of her. As proud as I was for Mr Satyarthi's award. I taught V and N what Malala stands for and why we should be very very proud of that girl. For me, she is not JUST a Pakistani.

3) When the Pakistani Cricket team loses to my team, I celebrate my win but never indulge in below the belt remarks on whether they deserved that loss. Of course I want India to win but then I want them to win against Zimbabwe, South Africa, England and even Antarctica in equal measure! That doesn't ashame me.

4) When I see a soldier wrapped in a Green Flag on TV, I say a little prayer for his family. Exactly the way I say a prayer for a soldier wrapped in the Tricolor. Not when he is a terrorist. Because I understand that difference. A soldier from Pakistan I saw on my visit to the Wagah Border, got my salute just as the soldier from India got.

5) I am a fan of Pakistan TV series. I don't get to watch them now but I grew up watching Zoya on Dhoop Kinarey. I am the biggest fan of Umar Sharif and Bakra Kishto Pe is my all time favorite comedy show. I never compare these things with anything in India. I am objective enough to understand that they have nothing to do with my people and their people. It is pure talent and I enjoy them just as much as I enjoy Shahrukh! 

6) I am a true fan of the beautiful girls of Pakistan. I admire them truly. They are full of grace and are actually divine beauties. Does that mean, I dont have beautiful women in my country? Nah! I am just saying, I know the women are good looking there and I totally acknowledge it.

I did go through some hate mongering Facebook pages where Indians are bashing Pakistanis. But I am not one of them. None of my friends are one of them. No one in my family is one of them. No one in my neighborhood is one of them. Trust me, they do not represent the major part of our population. Similarly this man, may be represents a minuscule percentage of Pakistanis who take pride in hating India. But you know what? It really disturbs me. And doing so behind the veils of loving your country- Boss- I love my Mom but I do not hate anyone else's. I love my children but I will never tell a friend whose children are doing good that I hate them for it. You love yourself, your people. Love me too. Love my people and their goodness too. No?

I hope this Blog Post reaches you (I know it will but cant say if you choose to read it) and I want to tell you one thing, one last time:

Peace can happen. Not through politicians, armies, borders, weapons. It can happen inside your heart. We have our own problems and you have your own. But there are problems that are common. Rapes, acid attacks, terrorism, poverty, environment, politics. We in India, feel equally resentful to these problems and empathise with you as you go about handling yours. Why not take the baton of happiness in our own hearts and hands. Next time you announce on your Facebook wall that you always knew Indian Men never had real 'balls', think of me or my family or my friends (we are all highly educated people living a good life in our country like you and your friends are) who will never EVER post something so demeaning or hate propagating about you.


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