Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Talking to my 2014

I am seeing Red all around me. Nothing to do with my cold and cough situation though. It is Christmas time and my Facebook timeline, my friend's pictures, the roads till my office, the parking guy's head gear and the celebs I stalk on Twitter have all turned Red to keep up with the season. Now, I too had Christmas Parties and invites till a few years ago but age catches up with you sooner than you estimate. It is so freezing cold outside that I have politely turned down invitations, over the years, by saying- We have some other plans- and gradually people have realised, our plans are actually warm quilts and Big Boss! (Okay, the latter is more of my plan and my husband complying)

Since I stopped being an Enthu Cutlet for 'rocking' and 'happening' parties, I have to vent out my excitement somehow about everything that I am feeling amidst festivities and cheer around me. I have no messages or requests for Santa Claus. I rather have short and sweet messages for persons and things that had an influence on me in the year gone by and I have no hopes of any of them sparing me in the coming too :)

1) Open Letter Writers- Consider this my open letter to all those open letter writers who write more and more open letters to the ones who wrote open letters before them. First, letters are Dodos now so don't prefix an OPEN to them to revive them. They have no chance of resurrecting. Call them just letters and they will still read the same. Second, you wrote that open letter knowing that the one you are writing to, will never read it but instead it will become viral, make you look mature/concerned and enable you to have intellectual conversations in the comment boxes underneath. Yeah, we all know this but we still open them and help your cause.
2) Killers of Children- I know none of them will ever read this. So really what is the point in even addressing them? But I can tell you all who are reading this- I hate them. Too.
3) Selfie Takers- Uff that selfie smile of yours- I just love it. And that exclusive side profile? Killer! Oh how I can forget that pout. Yum! One day, I hope, this fascination will retire and people will start living their lives with real smiles and believable twinkle in their eyes. One day.
4) Radio Cab Drivers- I took a lot of Radio Cab rides in 2014. Yes, in Uber too. And I was my usual chatty self. Some drivers reciprocated my chattiness, others increased the volume of FM channels. The way my life remains unchanged in terms of salaries which cannot afford a Driver and the parking space around our house where our two cars win real battles to find their own ground every day, I am going to continue taking these cabs. Just that I am considering investing in a Pepper Spray which I am pretty sure I will not be able to find inside my overfilled handbag when I need it. I also intend to continue praying that I don't get raped as that's the ONLY thing we can do it seems in our country.
5) Travellers- Love you guys. I think you are the only people who are truly living. I am not addressing the kinds for who travelling means a twice an year ritual of going to Goa. Travellers are those who crave exploration- of new places, of food and of adventures. Hats off to that breed and yes, you guys are people I love to be jealous of. By the way, I love Goa. I go there every year. That's not travelling. That's hygiene!
6) Big Boss- Another year will begin and with it my favourite TV show will complete yet another season. I hate this thought but I live with it. I live with the hope that September will come again and it will bring with it the show, I live for...
7) V and N- These two are growing up really fast. I know this because they have started arguing with me, they have instructed me to not kiss them in their park, they have football shoes and party shoes and casual party shoes and cricket shoes, they have their favourite actresses and both have that one girl in their class who they protect from the mean bullies around them. So well, V and N are everything I am and I am everything they want me to be- at different stages of their boyhood.

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