Friday, 22 February 2013

The "waiting" of Love will find a way....

Whats in a name you ask?
Someone answered already!
There is so much in one name for me
Let me answer it here ji

The name of importance here is Indirom
the publishers of my 1st Novel
the novel I publicized in ways
just short of what is called grovel!

Each one on my friend's list
every friend, every peer
"Download kiya?Arre karo!"
was all that I could hear

Some managed, some waited
Some complained, some cheered
But within days of standing up on its feet
The site, with bugs was smeared

I held my strength
I made some explanations
what could I really say....
When I was myself fighting patience?

Now, I have a mail in my inbox
which tells me the way ahead
for the baby I nurtured
with soul, heart and this head

So here I am, assuring you
my Publishers are sound and able
Infact they will be back-bigger and better
Can you all wait till April?

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