Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Belated birthday learnings :)

Yesterday was my husband's birthday- (you know I really find it weird to call Saurabh "husband" especially when there are so many cliches attached to this one word- but anyways that's what we are- Husband and Wife!!). So being the kind of person he is, understated and NORMAL, he does not believe in mentioning his birth date on a medium like Facebook- which is a window to all the superficiality that exists in our times (in his words).

Everyday our news feed is flooded with birthday wishes followed by a "Thank you all for your blessings and wishes. You guys made my day" message by the birthday boy/girl. Isn't the number of wishes that a person gets on his best day, a sort of a measure of how loved he/she is? Oh c'mon please admit that when suddenly at least 70 people flood your wall with ultra sweet wishes, you do feel very loved, very important! I do! Everyone who have had no intention or time to connect with me throughout the year wake up to FB's notification of my birthday, click on my name, type a few words proving that they still remember me and I love it when I see the messages and realize- Oh yes, this one is also on my friends list.

This is NOT an attempt to lessen the significance of FB- being an ardent FB addict, I will be blasphemous to even think like that. But at the same time I learnt something yesterday. Since it was not on Facebook, Saurabh was not flooded with any messages there. What did that mean? Only those got to wish him who remembered his birthday. Who had either put a reminder on their phones or just simply remembered it in their heads because Saurabh mattered to them. Throughout the day he was as flooded with calls as I am on my birthday (despite my birth date being flashed on FB) and that humbled me so much. His family, his cousins, my family members who love him as much as they love me and some friends who he truly and rightly values- All these people did not need anyone to remind them and whatever their schedules, they HAD to pick up the phone to SMS or call him. Somehow all these people seemed more important than the ones who were aided in recall in my case or anyone else's.

It made me think. Hence I shared. Saurabh-There is no need to reiterate or claim that I love you but these are small things that make me respect you more and learn in the process :)

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