Monday, 23 November 2015

The nest I built, the one you will outgrow...

Was never the children loving type,
but changed that, you two
Fell from the skies, into my hearts,
Filled me up, through and through.

We learnt together, as we moved ahead.
I discovered self as I built you.
No work, no promotion, no salary,
Nothing stood in front of you.

I heard them saying,
I was giving it up too easy.
I never cared to explain,
That, hey! you never asked me to!

As you stood firm, on ground with teeth,
We wondered who was the child amongst us three.
The endless afternoons of chatter and play,
My Babies, I owe plenty and more to you.

Every joy, your every meal
Every word you have ever
Every smile or tear you have given,
I have it stored, I breathe through them.

Your sleep, your school, your friends, your opinions.
They are yours now, I have taught you all.
But don't we know, each time you fall,
I will be smiling back at you.

I am not empty as you grow taller than me,
Because I never 'gave up' anything for you,
I chose to spend those moments together,
as memories I wished to build, my life had just that view.

I know you will need me lesser and lesser,
I know you will talk sparingly.
But I know the foundation in your heart is mine,
It says- Ma, Thanks for the childhood, that had you.

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