Wednesday, 2 July 2014

As you retire from work Papa......

They say your heart doesn't beat inside you, it beats inside me. But do they know that your love never managed to spoil me?
They say, I can make you do anything under the sun. But do they know that you've never let me do anything that was wrong.
They say you are partial, just too soft on me. But have they seen how much you scolded, when I acted weird.
They might see you detached, glued to your TV. But they haven't heard our everyday phone calls that last eternity.
They say you are short tempered, hot tempered too. But they don't know your patience when I rant endlessly about my life with you.
They may say you got it easy and you took it easy too. But they didn't see you down and out for most of it too.
They have seen you having a good time with your friends, till date. Wish they had seen those friends stand besides us, through thick and thin too.
They have seen your laughter, your guts and your will. I have also seen your advise, wisdom and hope behind it all.
They have seen me and Rahul grow up to be what we are. I have known Saurabh and Nish, look up to you too.

She comes across like your shadow, quiet behind you. I know but,  Ma is your anchor who has sailed us all through.

 They say you will retire from work Papa, in a week,
They don't know, it is so you will be around me, for me, with me :)


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