Wednesday, 9 April 2014

You vote. I Vote. We all vote. ENOUGH on VOTE!!

Tired is the state of my mind right now. There is no other word that describes it more aptly. Just so goddam tired of opinions, views, convictions, graphs, blogs, videos, rallies that I have never been so, ever before. Facebook and Twitter have shown their true colors. So much so that I miss those people on my timeline now who posted Birthday pics, mundan pics, housewarming pics, bought-new-fridge pics, had-an-accident pics, babyshower pics and I used to crib. Wont crib again people. Come back! Because when your posts look silly to me I choose to ignore your 74 pictures album and move on to more logical updates. However for the past few days where do I move on to? Everyone- each one of these guys- are ONLY and ONLY talking about politics. It stresses me out. I hate it. tired! I know most of you are too!!
But if you thought that all will be over soon. Hey hey NO. Tomorrow is the polling day. Tomorrow, my friends, is the Baap of all these bleeding-from-my-nose-updates days! As tomorrow is when the below stated updates will beautify my timeline. And mind you all- anyone who does even one of these, well...what can I do about you guys? Ill pray that sanity will prevail and I pray that soon you will be convinced that Yes, you have made your point!
So fellow Indians, brace yourself for the following- all of tomorrow:
1) Photos of fingers with the black ink. Those selfies. Along with the words- "Proud"
My Take: Get Manicures done girls. Some pictures really look ugly. Boys, ill be ogling at your fat fingers nonetheless!
1.1) Sticking to photo uploads there will be many with people with their families and friends (all wearing aviators) showing their inked fingers in a selfie- smiling and proud.
My Take: Hahahaha...
2) Status messages: "Just voted. Have you done so?" (Along with the picture of the finger with the black ink)
My Take: I will mind my own business with  my own head with my own time with my own convenience. How can you blackmail me to vote NOW just because you voted?
3) Check ins at fancy cafes with description- "Relaxing after casting my vote. Have you voted yet?"
My Take: Finish your coffee and get going. Pay the bill. Be a good citizen!
4) Status updates with complaints like "The booth was poorly managed" or "Saw XYZ party goons around the booth. I smell something fishy"
My Take: Do not disguise your ballooned pride by holding the same nose from behind. We know that you want to tell people that you just returned after voting. You know whats better? The picture of that finger.
5) Constant boosters. Oh reminders- "Get up people. Go out and Vote" or "Don't forget to cast it"
My Take: OKAY!!
6) Guilty posts where people could not cast votes and are feeling useless but still wish to be part of the big party on Facebook- "Away from Delhi on work. I wish I was there to make my country proud! Miss the fun. But hey, all of you vote!"
My Take: Somewhere in your comments you will be successful in letting the world know exactly where you are away. Wasn't that the whole point?
My last word on all this mania- We have all understood it. Let us breathe and bring back the exotic holidays and food pictures!

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