Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentines Week Special: A pick up line that can never be used on me

Love is supposedly in the air this month. Never really understood this mush but whatever. The way I have accepted the FB Movies fad I will accept that February is a month when love hormone is floating in the air with utmost intensity and may everyone who does not get love in January or August or October- find their love in this blessed month.
Now if I make two and two four, February is also the month which should have the most cheesiest lines thrown at girls from boys or at women from men? Yeah of course! The pick up lines, the serenading dialogues, the coochie cooing words and everything else in these categories. Now how many surveys have you read about the "Worst Pick Up Lines ever used on Women?". I know, I know- Its impossible to keep a count but you agree that you have read about them. Now if you are a woman, tell me which is the most irritating of all these lines? I guess the award for the most irksome but popular cheesy line goes to: "Hey, have I seen you somewhere?"
Now being a woman I should be ideally hating it myself but you know what? There is a reason why I do not. I don't know if you ll believe this or not but apparently my face is such that I always-yes ALWAYS- give a feeling that people have met me before. Arre Sach!!! I am so bloody used to hearing this from Aunties, Uncles, Doctors, Friend's relatives, Teachers, Recruiters,  Bus Conductors, Rocket scientists and World Leaders that I do two things now:
1) Don't mind. Smile.
2) Say politely: Meri shakal hi aisi hai
I realised that people truly believe that they have seen me somewhere as I often heard people saying the same thing to my Dad. Since I resemble him I guess its a given that we have a face which is either a mixture of a lot of faces or our features are hopelessly common in nature that nothing really stands out for people to think- We are new!

Do we look familiar?
Having lived with these strange reactions from people it is only now that I have got my husband used to hearing this. Earlier he would get conscious if someone was trying to act smart with his wife but now he too nods his head agreeing with me that its no cheesy business. Its so creepy that now I even pre-empt that this person we are in conversation with will say what the next minute.
 I remember that while making arrangements for my brother's wedding last year, Saurabh and I were at a place to meet a chef who would prepare food for our guests. We had been waiting for him for a while before he enters the room, fixes his eyes on me, shakes hands with me, tilts his head on one side as if thinking hard. Just then I looked at Saurabh and said,
"He also thinks he has met me before."
"Whoa," said the Chef. "Where have we met but?"

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