Thursday, 9 January 2014

10 things we do differently as Mother and Sons

Just about to celebrate the 5th birthday of my second son. Yeah that does make me sound very old but hey- I had babies early- OKAY?

V and N: Partners in crime. Partners for life
Yeah so just yesterday I was observing the two extensions of mine having a time of their own in each other's company. They did not need me like they did not need the sofa I was sitting on. Point is, as they are growing up, my existence is limited to being a provider- Of food, toys, books, birthday plans and drives. My silent observations of their total withdrawal from me led me to make some comparisons. I was comparing how the same rituals and things of the past are now totally different. Here are the Top Ten Things in that list:


Before: I cooked. They ate. They vomited. I cleaned. They digested. I was happy.
Now: I cook. They make faces. They demand. I argue. They persist. I cook. They are happy.


Before: All night up. All night crying.
Now: Both are early risers. Jump on my head as early as 7 am even on a Sunday!

3) Games

Before: Toys. Balls. Puzzles. Simplicity
Now: Does anyone have boys who DO NOT play cricket? My sons can play cricket all day, all night, all month, all year, all holidays, all school days, all summers, all monsoon!

Before: I didn't get time for much TV
Now: I don't get time for much TV! Nobita and Chota Bheem should be banned in our country.

5) School

Before: Cried initially. Settled well gradually.
Now: In the words of my older one: "Whoever invented Schools should be sent to a jail and beaten blue!"
6) Clothes

Before: Bath. Clothes. Done
Now: Bath. They don't like the clothes I have chosen for the day. They themselves dig into the almirah. Wear Jeans even at home. They have favourite colours. And lately they have started commenting on what we wear too!

7) Parties somewhere outside
Before: Tried leaving them with Dadi but all we heard was- "Come back early. They are crying a lot"
Now: We want them to come along and they cry as they would rather be home!

8) Parties at our home

Before: Party started. Kids put to sleep
Now: "When will your friends come?", "Will they get kids?", "They get gifts for us?", "When will they go?", "No! We wont sleep early", "What will you do that we cant see?"

9) Papa

Before: Saurabh is a hands on Dad. Updated about everything-big or small.
Now: Saurabh continues to be what he was. They love him more than me!

10) Me

Before: I was there. I will be there. I should be there.
Now: I am there. I may not be there. They are infact happier when I am not at home as then Dadi can spoil them rotten :)

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