Monday, 30 September 2013

Retired from work...not from life :)

Thirty Eight years is a long long time! These are the number of years that my Mother In Law has given to her organisation. Today, 30th of September, she is retiring from work. It is SUCH a big deal. Not just for her but for me- her daughter in law. Let me explain why :)

For the five years of my decision to stay at home to raise my children, I have been privy to a lot of reactions from people when I tell them that, "No, I am NOT working but my Mom in  Law is." It is a rarity as usually (at least with most of the women around me of my generation) it is the other way round. So far I have just smiled and told them- "Yes. That is the way it is in our house."

But from tomorrow morning, things will be different. Because while I am still at home-raising children- Ma will also be around full time. I know for sure that she will take some time to adjust to the newness of sitting at home after so many years, but am I used to her presence? NO. I am so NOT. From tomorrow, I will have her around me-
not bossing around as that is not her nature- but she will be there spending time with me, depending on me, eating lunch with me, going to the market with me, receiving land line calls, answering the door bell, signing on couriers, haggling with the maids, tending to V and N's homework, deciding what should we make for dinner, planning weekend etc etc etc. 

All these things so far were things I would do carelessly and lazily. Now for the first time I will get a taste of being a Bahu who has a Saas right next to her. But you know what makes it easy? Its her :)

Now that she has promised me that she will regularly read my blogs and my stories and also be active on Facebook (I am making her account today itself), I can address her here,


Welcome Home. We salute you as you successfully end such an important phase of your life and we assure you that this new journey of yours too will be laden with happiness and joy.

Thank you for being a Mom in law who is less strict than my own Mom!!

With you,

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