Friday, 12 April 2013

To V and N....with love :)

Rise, fall and you rise again
I stand at a distance and stare at you
my hands are unable to reach you love
but my heart beats right next to you

Write, erase and you write again
I smile at every word you ink
I dont poke you for your mistakes today
as you rewrite it before I blink

Yes, no and a yes again
I cringe as to why like this you were made
I still go by whats best for you
as I am the one you will blame

Smile, cry and you smile again
Together you are but so apart
I try my best to shape it for both
with the heart that He split in parts

Keep, lose and you find again
But I will never let them go
Whenever you need your memories together
Till I exist, they are under my pillow

 Near, far and far away
One day you will take the flight
I will then call you up baby
to ask if we did it all, right

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