Thursday, 15 November 2012

You and this unromantic world :)

A few days ago Twitter, Facebook, News and everything else that reaches out to millions was filled with Yash Chopra's demise. YAWN. Nothing new with that. Happened with Jagjit Singh, Shammi Kapoor, Dev Anand , Rajesh Khanna, Jaspal Bhatti blah blah.

It is sad no doubt. The whole process of losing someone and coping with that void is tedious, overwhelming and rather painful. In all the above cases though, since the loss isnt personal, its easier to simply type a RIP and move on.

I was myself coming to terms with a recent personal loss when I happened to check my FB wall and got to know about Mr Yash Chopra's end. Instantly a smile sat on my lips. Death definitely evades no one. However unfair it may seem, it is undoubtedly something we must learn to deal with!

But I have a connection with Mr Chopra. An uncanny one. Its silly but its my connection (most things about me are silly, no?). I owe the planning of my Honeymoon to him! The fact that I carried a chiffon saree on my honeymoon is all courtesy him. Eventually I did not show courage like his heroines to wear it- now thats a different matter! Till date if Saurabh teases me to have carried one- is because Mr Chopra made me believe that ITS POSSIBLE to wear it in the snow clad Swiss Alps!! I may not have worn it, but I did make Saurabh stand like Shahrukh with his arms stretched (he looked such a horrid version of SRK) and I ran quite a distance into his arms. The minute I did that Saurabh said- "Ho gaya honeymoon??"

I dont know if my sons will ever relate to this cheekiness of a romance (their father never does) but one thing is for sure- I fully do!

And why just romance? Its the typical tear jerking and strikinlgy effortless Indian-ness that he froze and framed in my head. For me when Amitabh Bachchan told Preity Zinta that -" Apne Ma bauji se kaiye ki ek Saath saal ka hindustani unnano diye tere sanskaro ko salaam karta hai"- I cried :)

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